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How to find a concert buddy online

We have many shared musical tastes with close people, friends or relatives but at the same time, we have some subtle tastes that stand out of the crowd. I attend many concerts near me and very often I have nobody to go with.  Sounds familiar, right?

People enjoy live music, but what should you do if none of your friends listens to the same kind of music. I am less likely to pass on a great opportunity even if it is on a weeknight. Under those circumstances, I often find myself the only person who's going to see a particular band concert. 

It would be a shame not going to concerts over many years for that reason … And you will definitely regret it. I suggest you take into consideration a few actionable tips that would help you quickly find a concert buddy.

Fan sites & forums

I was recently going to see Newsboys on tour, a Christian pop rock band, with my colleague from the office. I had two tickets bought in advance for the show at Albany Civic Center but my companion suddenly felt sick. Luckily, I worked my way right to the stage with a pal I had found at a local Newboys concert forum. We are now friends and have plans of visiting more Christian events together!

I would recommend finding an online forum for the band or artist you are going to see. As a rule, there is a concert thread, or even a thread specifically dedicated for the concert in your area where people post to say they are going. You can join in the discussion, and meet up with those folks.

Social media groups & pages

Also, you can join social media groups or pages dedicated to particular bands and meet people who will be going. Normally, those people want to hook up with each other at the show. I've met lots of people over many concerts by now who I see when those bands come back around. And that's kind of cool. 

Facebook RSVP

Ticketmaster has recently added facebook integration. You can see where your friends and other facebook users are sitting. 

These days you can see who has RSVPd to a concert on the Facebook event page, or through the BandsInTown App.  But there is no easy way to connect with those strangers (unless you want to reach out to them cold and introduce yourself) so your best bet is to try to make friends checking in at the show.

Going alone isn't that bad

But seriously, if all else fails, going alone isn't so bad. Go see the music you love. Everyone is there for the same reason.

People who have no one to go with can go alone. I don't feel like I'm tied to anyone. I can go when I want and leave when I want. I don't feel like I have to be distracted in conversation with someone that's out with me. I can buy merch when I want to and get a drink, or not when I want to.

When the band appears on stage, I can pay full attention to their music and performance. I can move if I need to into any place I can fit without having to worry about whether or not there's room for 2 people.

If I can get someone to go with me it's great, sure. But if it's not someone that's not into whatever band it is … Then I'd honestly prefer not have their company.

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